Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Fans of Laguna......

I would like to start off by thanking all those who have commented over the past several weeks. I was delighted to come home to so many comments everyday. I enjoyed reading through all of them and learned that most of us share the same thoughts and feelings after each episode. Many of you have even said you felt a void last night. It was a Monday evening and there was no Laguna!!! Luckily, I was swamped with work so I had something to take my mind off of it.

In case some of you did not know Laguna hottie, Talan Torriero, was recently engaged to Kimberly Stewart after dating for weeks and weeks. Kimberly Stewart is the daughter of famous rocker Rod Stewart. It has also been rumored that Talan wishes to start a music career in the near future. With Rod as his new father-in-law he is sure to have some good connections. After hearing him perform on one episode, I am not sure that is such a great idea!

The holidays are just around the corner and I am sure some of you are out searching for the perfect gift for that special person. Why not give them the Laguna Beach complete first season! It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up and get ready for Season 3!!! I know I would not mind getting the Laguna Beach DVD in my stocking!

Many fans are skeptical of accepting a whole new cast in season three. We became so comfortable with the crew we have grown to love. Season two introduced all new character and we learned to love them more than ever. Not to worry Laguna lovers, season three will be sure to knock our socks off!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Laguna Beach: The After Show

It is so hard to say, but season two has come to a close. The cast of Laguna Beach provided us with so much drama over the last few weeks, that some of us may be in denial that it is really over! Who can forget all the drama with Jason, Jessica, and Alex M. Or all the times we thought Stephen and L.C. would finally end up together. Prom, graduation, and a crazy summer were just a few of the exciting events to hit Laguna Beach this season. When visiting MTV's overdrive, fans can view trailers recapping all their favorite episodes. The after show recaps season one's love triangle between Stephen, Lauren, and Kristen. Season two's after show highlights many memories and follows Jason, the heartbreaker and the trail of women he left behind. Looking back he really is the ultimate player!

What's in store for Laguna Lovers?

Well kids not to worry because Laguna Beach will still be in our lives! Season 3 promises us a whole new cast and tons of fun. You can even watch the Laguna Beach Season 3 trailer and get a glimpse of some of the fresh faces of the new cast! Veteran L.C. gives her little sister all the advice she needs to get by in high school when you’re living in Laguna. It does not end there either. L.C. has quite the busy schedule after her dramatic experiences on season 2. Fans will be able to follow L.C. as she continues her life in the city of Los Angeles. "The Hills" which is the name of Lauren's new reality television show, follows L.C. in her new life out of Laguna. The series proves that "life in the city is no day at the beach." L.C attempts to juggle fashion school and a demanding internship. She makes tons of new friends, but always keeps in mind you can't always trust anyone
Based on the popularity of the first two seasons of Laguna, I am sure both of the upcoming Laguna series will be immediate successes.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

OnE LaSt WaVe.....

We've all been there. Packing up the rooms we thought we would never leave, saying goodbye to friends who never left our sides, and moving somewhere new and essentially starting a new beginning. The ladies of Laguna are especially emotional this week. Who can blame them? They are such a tight knit group of friends. I know I have said this before but watching this episode again made me feel so old. Here we are months away from starting our careers as professionals and they have four years of college ahead! I am so jealous!

The first goodbye is between Taylor and Alex M. The two are inseperable so it is no surprise when tears well up in their eyes. L.C. and Stephen say goodbye but this is only temporary because the two are both moving to L.A. I really hope Lauren can be happier here than she was in San Fransico. She needs to get out of Laguna for good and get away from the drama. What will happen in L.A. between Stephen and L.C.? My wish is for the two of them to finally be together!

Stephen then moves on to saying goodbye to his other leading lady, Kristen. I really was starting to think Kristen had no feelings until I saw this episode. Instead of being callous, she was so emotional and it showed a side of her no one has ever seen. Stephen and her say goodbye on the beach and it seems a little obvious that the two still really care about each other. It really surprises me how the two of them are able to remain such good friends after once having a serious relationship.

The rest of the episode is filled with more hard goodbyes. To be quite honest, it wasn't the best season finale. What's your opinion? I like how the episode came to a close. Memories of the previous year are shown and Kristen remembers times when her and Stephen were together and happy. Call me sappy but I got tears in my eyes! It was really sad. I think it got me thinking to the days when I was leaving for college. This season of Laguna may have came to a close, but there is always plenty of Laguna gossip!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sorry, you are not invited......

The end of summer has finally arrived. The whole gang prepares to go off on their separate ways. Of course, someone will be having a party in Laguna. Lauren decides to host an end of summer party at her beautiful house. A catered cocktail party is the theme and everyone is invited. Well, almost everyone. L.C. makes it quite clear that she does not want Jessica or Jason there. Who can blame her? After all she did have to watch her boyfriend kiss his ex-girlfriend. It does not get much worse than that. Take the Laguna beach poll. If you were having a summer farewell party, who would you not invite?

As the episode opens Talan, who I would like to add is the most adorable thing ever, is giving Jason some advice. He tells Jason to try and talk to L.C. I really don't think Alex M. could have put it any better but, " Everyone needs to get over Jason." All guys are good apolgizers and ladies we always need to remember that. Alex H., Kristen, and Jessica are all at home relaxing when Alex and Kristen decide to make a brief appearance at Lauren's party. Kristen is super nervous about going to her former rival's house. Kristen and Alex enter and are so rude! It made me so mad to see how impolite they were being. They did not even acknowledge L.C. The girls felt under dressed at the cocktail party and so they left with Stephen without saying any goodbyes or thank yous. Lauren just can't win with these rude, back-stabbing girls of Laguna. I feel so bad for her. Sorry Kristen fans, but I have fully crossed over to a loyal L.C. fan.

The next day there is Jason calling Jess. Why are you calling her? Did you not learn your lesson the first time? This boy frustrates me so much. Jessica stops by and the two converse briefly. Jason tries to tell Jessica that the kiss was all her fault and that she initiated it. What a liar! We all saw him make the move. Jessica then says Jason should call L.C. and work things out.

Jason calls Lauren and asks if they can talk. L.C. agrees but says he is not allowed in the house because her father will not let him in. If I was a parent Jason would not be stepping foot in my house! Jason apologizes and L.C. lets him know that his little apology would not make things better and is quite clear to him that things are over. I know this decision had to be hard for Lauren but I am glad she is stronger than the other girls. Jason leaves her house and drives away. Is that a tear I spotted? The player might have even cried a few tears over L.C. Oh Jason, when will you learn?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Hello all my lovely Laguna bloggers! So I thought last week’s episode was boring and dull, but this week’s episode definitely made up for it. I was on the edge of my couch and screaming at the television throughout all the drama. So many of you told me you can’t wait to comment on this episode so let’s discuss!

I guess even the rich can take out the time to perform good deeds. The episode opens with the whole gang planning a fundraiser. It’s called “fight the slide” and it benefits mudslide victims. The event is sold out and the group prepares for food, live bands, and a fashion show done by L.C. Jessica, Kristen, Alex H., and Jason are a few of Lauren’s models in the show. They all show up for a rehearsal and Jason is flirting with Jessica. Jessica is sitting and dancing on his lap while L.C. watches over looking pretty disgusted. Jason then approaches L.C. and apologizes to her.

It’s the night of the fundraiser and what a night it will turn out to be. Talan and Alex M. are set to sing. Talan is so adorable, but let’s face it, he can’t sing a note. Alex M. performs next and I really didn’t think she was too much better. The fashion show commences and the whole gang is looking great, however things are about to take a turn for the worst. Jessica and Jason are talking backstage, and as L.C. moves closer the two kiss. How terrible for L.C. to have to see her boyfriend kissing his ex-girlfriend? Jason is officially the worst! I thought I would give him another chance, but he is donzo in my mind. I thought it was quite funny how L.C. was being so mean to Jessica during the fashion show. Jessica deserved it. She should know how it feels after it was done to her by Alex M.

Jason tries to apologize to L.C. but she wants nothing to do with him. Then Dieter enters the picture. He approaches Jason and asks him why he would ever try and hurt Lauren. At this point in the show I was wishing I had a friend like Dieter. He was so helpful throughout the whole situation. Jason is left behind and is sitting sulking. I really do think he cares about Lauren, but he is still stuck on his old ways. I guess sometimes you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.