Tuesday, October 25, 2005

“The End of the Beginning”

It’s that time of year. Graduation is just around the corner for Laguna Beach seniors. Stephen and Dieter get tickets from Kristen and Jessica to attend their graduation and to take part in all the festivities. Everyone is getting so sad about graduating high school and it was making me feel really old and even more depressed because we are graduating college! They have no idea how much fun they have ahead of them. It actually was making me really bitter and jealous throughout the whole episode!

Okay so enough with me lamenting, now onto the good stuff. L.C. is invited to Jason’s grandpa’s house. It is absolutely gorgeous like all the houses in Laguna Beach. What kind of guy wouldn’t bring a girl there? It is quite impressive. The two resort to their favorite spot, the hot tub. Doesn’t it seem like they are always in a hot tub? Anyway, they share some intimate kisses and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Now I think they are adorable and I think he actually cares about her. My roommate on the other hand hates them together and feels they have absolutely nothing to talk about. So I figured why not ask my bloggers and I can report the results on my blog. So here’s the question:

Do you think L.C. and Jason make a good couple? Yes? No?
Will they last?

Its graduation day and all the girls are getting sentimental and nervous. We go from house to house as all the girls receive gifts from diamond rings and tiffany jewelry to frying pans and trips to Spain. All the girls complain about how big their gowns are and I know most of us can relate. I thought I looked like I was swimming in my gown and I could not wait to take it off. As we watch Laguna Beach High School graduation, I got really sad and thought of mine. I am sure all of you did as well. Their hats are thrown and it is the end of one chapter in their lives.

As the episode comes to a close, Alex H. meets Kristen and Jessica on the beach to drop the bomb. She tells the two that Lauren and Jason are dating! Jessica remarks that Lauren will not be able to change Jason’s sly ways. Do you think she can? We then hear Jason say to himself, I love Lauren. I never thought such words would ever come out of his mouth. Does he mean it? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

“Boyfriends Are Like Purses”

Summer has sprung and the teens of Laguna Beach could not be more excited. All the college kids return to their home town for an action-packed time. L.C. decides to have a barbeque as part of a summer kickoff. Steaks, burgers, and tons of food are purchased as this group knows how to go all out during any occasion. L.C.’s house is absolutely gorgeous. Sitting high up on a hill, her backyard boasts a pool overlooking a cliff. Tons of guests are invited, including most of the senior class. Taylor, Talan, Stephen, and Jason are just a few of the attendees. The hot tub gets rather steamy as L.C. and Jason engage in heavy conversation. The two joyfully play fight around the pool as onlookers watch. Stephen in particular, is caught staring intensely on more then one occasion. Well you know Stephen, you should have snatched her up when you had the chance.

Meanwhile Kristen’s car won’t start when she is about to hit the town with the girls. The next day her dad presents her with a white BMW X5. It is so nice and I am very jealous. I guess that’s what you get if you live in Laguna. Oh and you can even enter to win Kristen's old car. Yea it may not start or work, but it is serious Laguna Beach fan material.

During the show L.C. and her friends compare boys to handbags or purses. At first I did not see how the two could possibly be compared but then after hearing their reasoning it makes logical sense. Gorgeous bags are assholes. There are some purses you like but don’t want to be seen with, and there are those you wear everyday because you are comfortable with them. While the girls are having this clever discussion, L.C.’s phone rings and it is Jason. He asks her to dinner that evening and she willingly accepts.

Jason pulls up in an antique hot rod and the two go to a cute outdoor restaurant. Smiling and giggling the whole time, the two seem to really be enjoying each others company. I know Jason is a player but it seems like he actually cares and is really trying with L.C. The two then retreat back to L.C.‘s Jacuzzi where they share some laughs and some kisses. They are two people that I would never put together but sometimes those are the relationships that last. What does Stephen think about all this? Will L.C. and Jason start dating? Till we blog again!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

“Prom is in the Air”

I would like to start off by apologizing to all my lovely bloggers. As is the case with most college students, I have been swamped with exams and work. Don’t worry though because I always make time to tune into Laguna! So onto Monday’s episode……

I love the way prom invites occur in Laguna Beach. I don’t know about anyone else but my dates just picked up the phone or quietly asked me by my locker. Of course everything has to be extra extravagant with these teens. Jessica and Alex H. are startled by two “gorillas” holding bananas which read “Prom?” Across town Alex M. is prom dress shopping when she runs into sophomore Cami. Cami approaches Alex and asks her if it would be okay if she went to the prom with Jason. Alex replies that it would be fine, but is this really the case?

Moving onto the next invite, Kristen is pulling up to her driveway when she notices a bouquet of flowers. As she opens the garage door, there is Talan standing with red roses in the middle of an extravagant display. Kristen immediately replies yes! How adorable are those two?

The pre-prom party is held at a gorgeous location. I know my pre-parties did not look like that. As good-looking girls and boys fill the room, we can’t help but notice Casey’s bright yellow dress. Jessica and Kristen snicker saying she looks like a hooker. Well, she kind of did. One thing that really bothered me is how rude Kristen was being to Talan. She was not paying any attention to him and they were not together at all. Why is she always playing all these games? They won’t work for her forever.

Perhaps the most startling occurrence in the episode was Alex M. and Jason making out hard core. Poor Cami! Jason is the worst and so is Alex for hooking up with him again. Attention Girls: Stay away from Jason! Well with only 2 weeks left of high school and the whole summer ahead, who knows what is in store. Till next time….

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

“Don’t hate the game”

I couldn’t wait to post today after last night’s episode. I thought it was so good and there were tons to discuss. The episode starts off with Kristen and Alex H. planning a fiesta. Of course, there is drama on who can attend and not attend. Morgan is allowed to come, while Taylor must stay home. Apparently, there is some major beef between Kristen and Taylor.

Then we go to L.C.’s house. She is packing for her trip to L.A. She immediately calls Stephen and informs him of her travels. After their conversation they both seem to be glowing. Oh and by the way, what was up with L.C.’s friend? Her face was so orange! It looked like she had a little accident with the self tanner.

Back to the fiesta, Jessica, Jason, and the whole gang arrive, including new hottie Jeff. Now by this point Alex and Kristen have had one too many drinks and it is quite apparent. Out of no where Kristen and Jeff start kissing in the middle of the party. Why is this a terrible thing? Jessica, Kristen’s best friend, has a major crush on Jeff. Poor Jessica, she just can’t win! What really shocked me is how Alex M. expresses sorrow for Jessica. Are they all the sudden friends again? I just don’t understand these girls. I guess that’s what makes it Laguna Beach.

Towards the end of the episode L.C. and Stephen meet up. I just like to say that L.C. looked so pretty. I really love her and she is so sweet. The two go to a “friendly” dinner where Stephen asks if they would ever be in a real relationship. L.C. played it cool, but we all know how happy she must have been inside. They leave dinner and take a romantic stroll. I want them so badly to just try and date. I think they would make such a great couple. Kristen is over Stephen and Laguna fans everywhere need to accept this fact.

Well that just about sums up the last episode. Next week the prom invites begin. Now that should be exciting!