Sunday, September 25, 2005

Last time on Laguna….

The drama continues as the group travels to Cabo! Beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and night long parties are an annual ritual for the teens of Laguna. They all pack up and set sail for the week of their lives. Will this vacation be drama free? Absolutely not! The episode opens with an intimate conversation between Alex M. and Jason. He proclaims the two are better off as friends by providing lame one word answers to end their relationship. I cannot believe how rude he is! If I was Alex or Jessica I would definitely get over him real fast. To make matters worse, the two get in a major cat fight later in the show! Alex M. angrily approaches Jessica in a night club. Furious Alex M. holds in her anger and desire to fight Jessica. Alex M. thinks it was wrong for Jessica to kiss Jason behind her back and she has no problem expressing her opinion of Jessica. Sighing under her breathe Jessica insincerely apologizes to Alex. The one thing I definitely do not understand is wasn’t Jessica with Jason in the first place? What right does Alex have to get so mad when she was wrong from the beginning? Share your thoughts on last week’s episode and remember what happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo.

What’s everyone saying?

From reading all of your comments, I have come to the conclusion that no one can stand Jason! He is viewed as an ultimate player and not as our favorite new hottie. As for L.C. and Kristen it looks like Kristen is everyone’s favorite. Viewers admire her free spirit and carefree attitude. It looks like her and Stephen gets a little cozy on next week’s episode. Can’t wait for that! Finally another major concern of Laguna fans is whether or not the show is scripted. In my opinion I definitely think there is some form of script work going on. The characters and their life situations are real, however writers may have the events reenacted or tweaked a little bit. Scripted or not I am obsessed. Monday is only one day away so get excited!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

LeArN aLL AbOuT laGuNa!!!!!!

Welcome back!!! I am sure Laguna fans everywhere tuned in to watch Monday's fabulous episode. As always the cast delivered jaw dropping drama that left us wishing it was Monday all over again. We will get into that later, but first as further introduction I would like to introduce a few of the cast members and tell you all a little bit about each of them. So without further ado.......

The Original Cast....

Stephen: Now a freshman in college, Stephen's heart is still in Laguna. He remains the apple of L.C.'s eye but we all know he is so in love with Kristen.

L.C. : Beautiful Lauren left for college at the end of last season, however she then decides to move back home even if that means giving up Stephen. As the second season unfolded, Laguna fans everywhere wandered if her and Stephen could be more than just friends.

Kristen: The girl who rules the school and never misses a party is the narrator this season. We are introduced to her senior group of friends and all the fun they have together. Watch for Kristen and her crush on Talan as this season continues.

Lo: Laguna's own mini fashionista, this blonde haired, blue-eyed teen is L.C's best friend. Though she went off to school, Lo will still be around Laguna.

Talan: Talan kept a low profile last season, but now he is Laguna's mystery man. This new hottie even catches Kristen's eye.

New This Season...

Jessica: Kristen's best friend Jessica, gets herself mixed up with the wrong guys. Will she ever get over bad boy Jason?

Alex M: Another member of a popular senior clique, Alex loves being the center of attention. She also loves a boy named Jason, but will this cause drama with Jessica?

Jason: Who's Laguna's newest hottie? His name is Jason and he is the ultimate player. Fans will immediately see the games this heartbreaker plays, especially with Jessica and Alex.

Taylor: Sweet and innocent, everyone loves Taylor. Well everyone except Kristen.Will this lead to some crazy cat fights? We shall see.....


Friday, September 09, 2005

Welcome to my blog all about Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Are you a Kristen or a L.C. fan? Do you think Jason is the ultimate player? Every Monday night Laguna fans everywhere tune into MTV to catch up on the latest drama between Kristen and L.C. or Jason and Jessica. The sensational second season has everyone talking about the hot new characters and juicy story lines. This reality television show is based on a group of teenagers living in the beautiful town of Laguna Beach. Gigantic houses, lavish parties, and living life as if on a permanent vacation are common for these lucky teens. Packed with plenty of cat fights and on again off again relationships, this television hit leaves everyone talking. The latest season introduced many fresh faces such as Taylor, bad boy Jason, and Alex M. I thought this was a great idea for a blog as people can comment on each week's episodes. If you have yet to tune in, you can catch up with all the latest gossip! The next episode is only a few days away so there will be plenty to talk about. Want to learn even more about your favorite TV show? Meet the cast, get pictures, achieve "Laguna style ", or get dating tips from Kristen herself at this fabulous website, LAGUNA BEACH: THE REAL ORANGE COUNTY. So remember to stay tuned or start watching now because there is a ton of juicy drama on its way!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

STEPHEN!!!!!! The hottest boy on Laguna Beach......

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