Monday, November 14, 2005

Sorry, you are not invited......

The end of summer has finally arrived. The whole gang prepares to go off on their separate ways. Of course, someone will be having a party in Laguna. Lauren decides to host an end of summer party at her beautiful house. A catered cocktail party is the theme and everyone is invited. Well, almost everyone. L.C. makes it quite clear that she does not want Jessica or Jason there. Who can blame her? After all she did have to watch her boyfriend kiss his ex-girlfriend. It does not get much worse than that. Take the Laguna beach poll. If you were having a summer farewell party, who would you not invite?

As the episode opens Talan, who I would like to add is the most adorable thing ever, is giving Jason some advice. He tells Jason to try and talk to L.C. I really don't think Alex M. could have put it any better but, " Everyone needs to get over Jason." All guys are good apolgizers and ladies we always need to remember that. Alex H., Kristen, and Jessica are all at home relaxing when Alex and Kristen decide to make a brief appearance at Lauren's party. Kristen is super nervous about going to her former rival's house. Kristen and Alex enter and are so rude! It made me so mad to see how impolite they were being. They did not even acknowledge L.C. The girls felt under dressed at the cocktail party and so they left with Stephen without saying any goodbyes or thank yous. Lauren just can't win with these rude, back-stabbing girls of Laguna. I feel so bad for her. Sorry Kristen fans, but I have fully crossed over to a loyal L.C. fan.

The next day there is Jason calling Jess. Why are you calling her? Did you not learn your lesson the first time? This boy frustrates me so much. Jessica stops by and the two converse briefly. Jason tries to tell Jessica that the kiss was all her fault and that she initiated it. What a liar! We all saw him make the move. Jessica then says Jason should call L.C. and work things out.

Jason calls Lauren and asks if they can talk. L.C. agrees but says he is not allowed in the house because her father will not let him in. If I was a parent Jason would not be stepping foot in my house! Jason apologizes and L.C. lets him know that his little apology would not make things better and is quite clear to him that things are over. I know this decision had to be hard for Lauren but I am glad she is stronger than the other girls. Jason leaves her house and drives away. Is that a tear I spotted? The player might have even cried a few tears over L.C. Oh Jason, when will you learn?


Blogger Stacey said...

I can't believe Kristin had the nerve to show up to L.C.'s house, not say a word to her, and then take Stephen away with her when she left!! How rude!! The whole point of her going there was to mend their relationship and be friends finally, but she didn't even say hi. How is that going to get them anywhere? If I were L.C., I wouldn't let it bother me too much because no one really needs Kristin as a friend anyway. She's back-stabbing and fake, and now obviously extremely rude. It was a very immature way for her to handle the situation. She needs to learn how to grow up. L.C. would have been nice to her because she has nothing to hold against her now. Kristin just doesn't understand.
When Jason apologized to L.C., I was so glad she said what she did. She told him to put himself in her position; would he accept an "I'm sorry"? She told him he ruined everything, and he left crying. He deserved every second of it.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Obviously someone had to have an end of summer bash in Laguna! I would have picked it to be at L.C.’s house too because it is absolutely gorgeous and definitely a party house. I thought it was good of L.C. to invite Kristen it showed a huge step…or so I thought until Kristen arrived and was anything but nice to the people at the party. If she knew she didn’t like anyone there why in the world did she even go?? It wasn’t as if she was nice to anyone other than Stephen. I felt bad for L.C. when Stephen took off with Kristen, I guess some things never change. I agree with Alex M. that everyone needs to get over Jason obviously he’s not worth it or mature enough to have a relationship and I really hope these girls start to see through him. I thought what L.C. said to him was right on point and what someone needed to tell him a long time ago because it definitely shut him up! It’s hard to believe that tonight is the last episode of the season, I hope they surprise us and tell us there is another season in the works!

12:45 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

This episode of Laguna made me despise Kristen even more. She is so rude for going to LCs house and hanging out away from the crowd. Is she that stupid to think that LC was unable to hear her make those nasty little remarks? Of course Stephen started drooling over Kristen the minute she arrived and he was stupid enough to leave the party with her. When will he ever learn? I'm glad that LC told Jason how she really feels but I did think that the two would end up getting back together. I truly believe that Jason does really like LC he just can't stop flirting with other girls. At least he showed he has a sensitive side when he was crying in the car. I'm so excited for tonight's final episode but also sad that I can no longer be entertained by the Laguna kids and all their petty drama.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

I am so glad someone decided to have an end of the summer party in the lovely world of Laguna. I was glad L.C. decided to host the party because her house is beautiful and a perfect place for a party. However, I think it was so disrespectful of Kristen and Alex to be rude to L.C. I am sure L.C. was not too fond of them being there but of course she was going to be nice and invite them to attend so they should have showed some respect. I feel that L.C. is so much more mature than the rest of the cast on Laguna. I hate how fake those girls are to one another and act like they are so cool. I like Kristen but I think she acts way too cool all the time and that drives me crazy.

Another thing I want to say is that I am so glad L.C. stood up to Jason. He may have the looks but the personality on that boy is lacking. He really sucks and hopefully the girls will begin to realize that. He thinks he can have whoever he wants but he can not have one special girl now. L.C. can do so much better and deserves someone who will treat her right, perhaps Dieter. Wait to go L.C.

1:52 PM  
Blogger carah said...

Last weeks episode of Laguna Beach was of course another great one! Of course Lauren throws a catered end of the summer cocktail party, I wish I was invited! If I was Lauren there is no way Jason or Jessica would ever be invited to my party either. I completely agree with you that Kristen and Alex H. were so rude when they walked into L.C.’s house. Even though Kristen was extremely nervous, who would ever go to someone’s party and not even acknowledge them. I am also mad at Stephen for leaving the party with Kristen and Alex H. Poor L.C. can never win, she loses Stephen again to Kristen. It was nice and all of Jason to apologize to Lauren but its not it’s the first time he cheated. Jason is also not confessing to Jessica that he was the one kissed her. I do wish Jason would grow up and be a good boyfriend, I really liked him and L.C. I am so sad that next week is Laguna season finale, Monday nights will never be the same.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

Kristin was so rude to LC! It bothered me even more that she knew she was being rude, she even said something like "Why should I say hi to lauren". Who does that?? If you have the nerve to show up at someones party, you should at least say hi even if you aren't best friends with them. I also thought it was rude that Stephan left with Kristen. He needs to get over her... I thought he liked LC now anyway? Other than that, the party still looked like fun. I've never had an end of the summer party professionally catered but I'd like to! haha, if only I lived in Laguna Beach. I am proud of LC for not giving in to Jason... someone needs to give him a test of his own medicine. Wonder what will happen next episode...

6:25 PM  
Blogger katie said...

What a short ending to a long and dramatic season. I was really anticipating this episode and nothing great really happened. I was so glad to see how strong Lauren was with Jason. She really held her guard and made him feel like such a jerk...good for her. She has been my favorite since last season and I cannot wait until her new show comes on.
As for the whole Kristin thing, coming to her house and being a big jerk...she can just take her miniskirt and go to college. She has always been at the bottom of my list (next to Jason) and I honestly don't know why she cried so much about Jessica, because wasn't she bad mouthing her during spring break?? Girls will never change and the gossip will contine! Who is watching next season??

12:01 PM  
Blogger Rachel Curran said...

What do their parents do for a living?!? I swear, they have ridiculously nice houses and parties. It is going to be a rude-awakening when they move into the luxurious living quarters of college dorms! Anyways, it doesn't surprise me that Kristen decided to make a cameo at L.C.'s. After all it wouldn't be Laguna if there wasn't any drama. And Kristen seems to enjoy drama the most! It was pretty rude the way she acted and didn't even give L.C., the hostess of the party, the time of day!!! I give L.C. credit for not straight up kicking her out after the way she was acting. Slowly, I am losing more and more respect for Team Kristen. And to top it off she leaves with Steven.....oh me oh my!!!!

As for the L.C. & Jason situation all I have to say is: "You go GIRL!!!" Someone finally made the boy cry. Wow, he does have a heart after all!!! (maybe)

7:33 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Who shows up to a cocktail party, doesn;t say hi, and then steals away Stephen??? Kristen of course. what was she thinking of showing up to LC's party and being so rude. It was nice enough of LC to invite her and try to make amends. Kristin needs to grow up and act mature.

Speaking of acting mature, Jason needs a reality check. Who does he think he is cheating on LC with Jessica. Jessica is a head-case and is basically obsessed with Jason. He really should have known better than to kiss her right in front of LC. STupid boy! Taylor was right when she said "everyone needs to get over Jason" seriously, whats the obsession, yea he is cute...but from what it looks like on the show he is either shy or has a horrible personality. LC can do way better! (stephen, stephen!)

9:11 AM  
Blogger Sharbere said...

Yea I agree that Kristen was really rude and I found it ironic that when L.C. was trying to be the bigger person and getting past the whole rivalry thing Kristen ends up leaving with Stephen, the main reason the two didn't like eachother to begin with! L.C. really does get screwed over a lot and its probably because she's so nice, I really do feel bad for her. I'm glad Jason got upset and he should feel bad. But I really like that she doesn't invite him. I can just picture him sitting at home while everyone else is over at L.C.'s house. Serves him right, it's been a long time coming! Maybe now he'll get over himself and see that not everyone will put up with his bull! I think it's cute that they're all moving (well a lot of them) to L.A. If iwas them I'd never want to leave my parents' houses, they are gorgeous. But I guess they can get some nice apartments in LA. P.S. I was watching E! and they said that Talan is engaged in real life?? That's crazy, he's only 19, who does that now-a-days??

10:27 AM  
Blogger LaurSims said...

I was actually starting to think way to Kristen, I mean I was proud of her for ‘sucking it up’ and going to LC’s party to talk to her. Unfortunately, that didn’t last. I mean I couldn’t believe that after all the talk and everything she got up the nerve to go to LC’s house and yet wasn’t even considerate enough to say hi. I mean you can dislike her Kristen, but don’t go to her house and be disrespectful, just don’t go. And then there is Steven, same old routine, leaves LC in the wind yet again. It’s a good thing LC is such a strong person, I give her a lot of credit and am so proud of her for sticking up for herself to Jason. She deserves way better than him, at this point I think the only one he deserves is Jessica, they are two of a kind.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Sharon Tornick said...

I also tend to side with L.C. after this episode. Kristin was so incredibly rude to just walk into the party and not only not acknowledge anyone, but then sit in the corner, talk to Steven and leave with him. Who does that? I think she's a spoiled brat and she thinks she can do whatever she wants.

I was also amused with Alex's comment that everyone should just get over Jason. He seriously has to screw his head on tighter because I think he is the biggest idiot on television right now. Apparently, according to gossip, he and L.C. are currently together and patched up all the bad blood. Who knows though!

3:09 PM  
Blogger popovich said...

I was so annoyed and angry throughout this episode! I was always a loyal Kristin fan but she really pushed my buttons. Kristin and Alex were so rude to show up to L.C.'s house and then not even speak to anyone. It blows my mind that all of these people know each other and act like total strangers at times. How can they be so rude? Then to just leave with Stephen...not appropriate at all. They didn't even say thank you or goodbye. RUDE!

I was hugely impressed by L.C.'s strength and maturity in this episode. I thought it was very big of her to invite Kristin to the party and lay that drama to rest. Then I thought she handled the Jason situation very well. I was so proud that she didn't fall for his FAKE apology. He couldn't have been more insincere. He called her to ask if he could come over, therefore he should've had something to say!

I don't know what I'm going to do with my Monday nights from now on.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Kara said...

I completely agree with you. I too have completely turned over to an adamant LC fan. She was trying to be the bigger person, and invite Kristen to the cocktail party. Kristen even said before they got there that she wanted to be a b*tch the whole time. The fact that she didn’t even say “Hi” or “Thank-you” to LC was so unbelievably rude. I just can’t stand her anymore. I really don’t see what the big draw to Jason was in the first place. He’s such a player and I’m so glad he finally got hurt the way he’s hurt so many girls!

6:18 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I guess it makes sense that L.C. doesn't want Jason and Jessica there because she just caught them hooking up. why would she ever want to put herself in such an awkward situation.

I thought it was very wierd that even though Kristen came because there has been such long history of drama between her an L.C. I mean how can she come over after that past drama with Stephen, who was at the end of the summer party.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

I can't believe that Kristen actually showed up! I feel like that is so out of her character. She is usually up for making a stand for herself and making it known that she wasn't attending. The way they walked in was so rude though. They didn't even talk to LC, what is that about?? I would have kicked her out of my house in a second!

I think it is so funny how their parties are. Catered cocktail party? Like I don't know about anyone else but I wasn't throwing these bashes in high school...we had some kegs...thats pretty much about it most of the time.

It was cute that Talan was giving Jason advice, this made me think that Jason for once actually thought he screwed up and may have cared about LC, too bad he lost her and LC I'm sure will never take him back. He's such an idiot! They next day when he calls Jessica and blames the whole thing on her proves that he really hasn't change and is still just a jerk. Maybe he is finally getting what he deserves and the girls will finally get over him. Although I doubt Jessica will ever get over him completely, even after everthing he did to her.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Corinne said...

Was it me, or was there like five people at L.C.'s end of summer party. I think it was really big of Lauren to even invite Kristin, because I know I sure would not. It seemed like L.C. was having fun with Stephen, but soon enough Kristin would ruin that. I can't believe she had the audacity to come in the first place, but then she took Stephen away with her! Forget what I said about wanting L.C. and Stephen together. He is just another jerk who belongs with Kristin because he still follows her every command. If he can't see how much better he would be with Lauren, then it is his loss.

I'm glad that Jason apologized and L.C. still managed to put him in his place. I hope he is miserable that he lost her because he was never good enough for her.

10:38 PM  

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