Monday, November 21, 2005

Laguna Beach: The After Show

It is so hard to say, but season two has come to a close. The cast of Laguna Beach provided us with so much drama over the last few weeks, that some of us may be in denial that it is really over! Who can forget all the drama with Jason, Jessica, and Alex M. Or all the times we thought Stephen and L.C. would finally end up together. Prom, graduation, and a crazy summer were just a few of the exciting events to hit Laguna Beach this season. When visiting MTV's overdrive, fans can view trailers recapping all their favorite episodes. The after show recaps season one's love triangle between Stephen, Lauren, and Kristen. Season two's after show highlights many memories and follows Jason, the heartbreaker and the trail of women he left behind. Looking back he really is the ultimate player!

What's in store for Laguna Lovers?

Well kids not to worry because Laguna Beach will still be in our lives! Season 3 promises us a whole new cast and tons of fun. You can even watch the Laguna Beach Season 3 trailer and get a glimpse of some of the fresh faces of the new cast! Veteran L.C. gives her little sister all the advice she needs to get by in high school when you’re living in Laguna. It does not end there either. L.C. has quite the busy schedule after her dramatic experiences on season 2. Fans will be able to follow L.C. as she continues her life in the city of Los Angeles. "The Hills" which is the name of Lauren's new reality television show, follows L.C. in her new life out of Laguna. The series proves that "life in the city is no day at the beach." L.C attempts to juggle fashion school and a demanding internship. She makes tons of new friends, but always keeps in mind you can't always trust anyone
Based on the popularity of the first two seasons of Laguna, I am sure both of the upcoming Laguna series will be immediate successes.


Blogger Abby said...

I miss Laguna Beach already. It's Monday night and there will be no new Laguna tonight, I guess my roommates and I will have to find something new to watch. When is the new season supposed to start? And when is the Hills supposed to start? I think I will like the Hills more than Laguna 3 because I'm a big fan of LC. I think Stephan, Kristin, and Alex H. will probably make appearances because they are all going to be living in LA. Laguna 3 doesn't have any characters that we have really gotten to know, besides the one girl who Jason took to prom. If she's one of the main girls then I'm sure Jason will be back in season 3, being as much of a player as before. Laguna girls will never learn.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Kara said...

I too saw the aftershow on MTV after the season finale. Season 3 really looks like its going to be new, exciting, and oh-so-dramaful. I really like the fact the LC’s sister will be one of the main characters, but my only question is, where did she come from? All this time I thought Lauren was an only child. I wonder if any other Laguna favorites have hidden siblings that will make appearances on the new season. LC’s new show looks really great too. I feel like we can relate a little bit more to her and her experiences now, versus high school experiences that take place on Laguna. I hope other old Laguna friends make a cross-over appearance on “The Hills” so we can see what new exciting drama is going on in their lives! I really want to see where Kristen, Jason, Stephen, and all of the Alex’s end up in the future!

6:33 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

I'm really excited for L.C.'s new show, The Hills. She was always my favorite character on Laguna Beach, ever since the first season. I'm glad they decided not to follow Kristin anymore and to continue with L.C. It is also a good idea to continue with the regular Laguna Beach show because many people have grown attached and want to see more. I'm not sure that I will be watching it as much next season since so many of the familiar faces from the past two seasons are gone, but I might catch an episode or two. I do think that The Hills will become one of my new favorite shows, though. I'll just think of it as being an extension of Laguna Beach since L.C. is still in it. Hopefull we'll be seeing some of Stephen in that too...

10:53 PM  
Blogger katie said...

It was definitely sad the see the final episode and know that Laguna will not be the same without all of the original first 2 seasons cast members. I don't think that I will watch Laguna Beach 3, but I am definitely watching LC's show "The Hills". I am so glad that they chose her to follow because she has been my favorite character on the show since the first season! I really hope that things were out for her juggling school and work...I know how hard it can be! Thanks for the posts all season long. I really looked forward to seeing everyones comments and venting about my laguna beach feelings..haha! So sad that its should continue a blog with the Hills next season!

9:44 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

I was very impressed with the aftershow, they really wrapped things up well and let all of us fans know where things were going in the future.
I'm really looking forward to L.C.'s new show. Her new life in L.A. should provide many new experiences and people into her life. I hope that she becomes more of a crazy parier than she was with her OC friends.
Once again I'm so excited about the new show because I could watch L.C. do ANYTHING for a half hour and be happy.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Corinne said...

I'm embarassed to say it, but I do miss the show already. I have not yet decided if I'm going to watch season three or not. With a whole new class of seventeen year olds, I feel a little dumb watching it as I am graduating from college. I do, however, think I will be watching the new series, The Hills, to replace it. It'd much rather follow the previous cast members lives through college then dwell on the immature new ones in Laguana Beach. I can't wait to see the new people they meet in LA. Hopefully, L.C. will find a decent boy for her out there. At least enough to make Stephen jealous. Does anyone know when this show is supposed to start? Can't wait!

10:47 PM  

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