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Hello all my lovely Laguna bloggers! So I thought last week’s episode was boring and dull, but this week’s episode definitely made up for it. I was on the edge of my couch and screaming at the television throughout all the drama. So many of you told me you can’t wait to comment on this episode so let’s discuss!

I guess even the rich can take out the time to perform good deeds. The episode opens with the whole gang planning a fundraiser. It’s called “fight the slide” and it benefits mudslide victims. The event is sold out and the group prepares for food, live bands, and a fashion show done by L.C. Jessica, Kristen, Alex H., and Jason are a few of Lauren’s models in the show. They all show up for a rehearsal and Jason is flirting with Jessica. Jessica is sitting and dancing on his lap while L.C. watches over looking pretty disgusted. Jason then approaches L.C. and apologizes to her.

It’s the night of the fundraiser and what a night it will turn out to be. Talan and Alex M. are set to sing. Talan is so adorable, but let’s face it, he can’t sing a note. Alex M. performs next and I really didn’t think she was too much better. The fashion show commences and the whole gang is looking great, however things are about to take a turn for the worst. Jessica and Jason are talking backstage, and as L.C. moves closer the two kiss. How terrible for L.C. to have to see her boyfriend kissing his ex-girlfriend? Jason is officially the worst! I thought I would give him another chance, but he is donzo in my mind. I thought it was quite funny how L.C. was being so mean to Jessica during the fashion show. Jessica deserved it. She should know how it feels after it was done to her by Alex M.

Jason tries to apologize to L.C. but she wants nothing to do with him. Then Dieter enters the picture. He approaches Jason and asks him why he would ever try and hurt Lauren. At this point in the show I was wishing I had a friend like Dieter. He was so helpful throughout the whole situation. Jason is left behind and is sitting sulking. I really do think he cares about Lauren, but he is still stuck on his old ways. I guess sometimes you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.


Blogger Melanie said...

OOOH Jason! He will never ever ever change. And I'm pretty sure he just ruin the best thing he would have ever had with a girl. I just want to say that I am really proud of Lauren. She did not put up with any of his crap, unlike Jessica and Alex M. did. And Jason called L.C. immature, but I am pretty sure I would have acted the same exact way if I say the guy I was dating kiss another girl right in front of me. She didn't want anything to do with him after that, and I am proud of her! Now she can be obsessed with Stephen again!

5:15 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

This week’s episode was very intense. I want to first say that I thought it was very nice for the cast to help out the mudslide victims. It was a very good deed and tickets were sold out which was even better. Of course L.C. put the fashion show together because that is what she is good at. However, there were also some not so nice things going on at this fundraiser/benefit. Jessica and Jason were flirting the whole time! What was that? I can not believe Jason was being such an idiot. He hooked up with Jessica right in front of L.C., who is supposedly his girlfriend. I think Jason is such a dirt bag. I think he is so insecure and just hooks up with whoever he wants, when he wants. These girls need to start and play with his mind. They should turn him down and maybe he would not feel so hot anymore. I also want to say that Dieter is such a nice boy and awesome friend to L.C. He stuck up for her to Jason and told Jason from the beginning that if he hurt L.C. it would hurt Dieters and Jason’s relationship. I think Dieter and L.C. should get together. He would treat her so well and that is what she deserves, not Jason. Now I can not wait to see what next episode brings us, hopefully no more of L.C. and Jason.

7:08 PM  
Blogger carah said...

What a half hour! I did not know so much drama could fit into such little time! The fundraiser was very nice, but I totally agree with that Talan and Alex M. should never sing again. I love Talan and I was hoping he would the all around boy and surprise us with a good singing voice. So now for the real drama – Jessica, Jason and L.C. I was very shocked, for once I though Jason really liked a girl and lets face it Jessica may be very sweet and L.C. has it all. I cannot believe Jason actually lied and said Jessica kissed him, it was completely obvious who kissed who. And were they drunk or something? Because L.C. definitely gave Jessica a piece of her mind. Plus Jason was acting kinda weird. Dieter was also being a great friend L.C., that was really nice of him. Can’t wait to see what is in store of next week!

8:27 PM  
Blogger Sharbere said...

Stupid stupid Jason. Yea I thought I'd give him another chance too, despite being mean to the last 2 girls I thought he might have changed since he really does seem to like L.C. But no, he's a retarded boy and screws it up. I think it's awesome though that L.C. wouldn't even listen to him. She took control of this situation and wasn't going to let him push her around like she let Stephen do. L.C.'s learning a thing or two! I think that's going to make Jason want her even more. But she shouldn't take him back because it's not like he just kissed Jessica once he kissed her like 5 or 6 times during the fashion show! It really blew my mind, I couldn't believe he was doing that but I guess he's a guy and one of the less intelligent ones at that! Let's see what his response is to what she said in the little preview of next time on Laguna, which I personally can't wait for.

6:11 AM  
Blogger Stacey said...

This week’s episode was so intense! I couldn’t believe Jason. I definitely thought he had changed his ways and I had given him the benefit of the doubt and I am so disappointed. Poor L.C., the girl cannot catch a break ever and of all the girls in Laguna I feel like she deserves a good guy the most. I thought it was great how she was mean to Jessica because she definitely deserved it. I know that Jason was as much at fault as she was, but like you said, she should know how terrible it feels considering her love triangle with Jason and Alex M. As if the constant flirting and sitting on his lap wasn’t enough she had to go in for the kill and kiss him! I mean Jason didn’t try too hard to pull away or anything but still from the footage we saw it looked like Jessica initiated everything since she went up to him and said how she was looking for him everywhere or whatever. There is never a dull moment with Jason, that’s for sure! Finally, I think every girl needs a Dieter in her life. He was in the right place at the right time for L.C. and you could tell he really cares about her. I have a terrible feeling that our weeks of new Laguna episodes are coming to an end so I guess we should enjoy them while we can.

11:28 AM  
Blogger LaurSims said...

I can’t believe Jason & Jessica, well, actually I can. I mean the two of them have serious issues. Jessica just can’t get over him, I thought she was making progress and getting over him but apparently that is never going to happen. Now Jason is just a mess, it looked like he had a good thing going with LC but of course he had to go and screw it up by being immature and playing games. He made everyone realize that he is a dog and definitely ‘no catch’. Him and Jessica should get back together, at least the drama that they create with effect less outside people. Jason even played Jess out on the phone with the Dieter trying to blame her for everything, even though there are cameras that caught it all, duh! Despite everything I am pretty sure that Jess with be seen yet again hooking up with Jason again in the very near future.

2:19 PM  
Blogger L Curcuruto said...

Jason is such a jerk. He knew that L.C. was there and he kissed his ex-girlfriend right in front of her! That must have been so upsetting for L.C. It seems like she always get the raw end of a deal. Her feelings are always hurt and she never finds a decent guy who will treat her right. As for Jessica, girls know how bad it hurts to lose a guy or see that guys kissing someone else. Even if you dislike someone, you still should kiss their boyfriend. It's so disrespectful. If a person can't be faithful, they should be in a relationship... period. It's such a simple rule. Anyways, I hope L.C. gets over him fast and finds somone new and better. Out with the old, in with the new.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Ellesse118 said...

You can't teach an old dog new tricks! Jason is a scumbag and I'm pretty sure that will never change. I feel so bad for L.C. It seems like she just can't catch a break in the boy department; first Stephen and then Jason. I really don't like Jessica now. She was always kind of pathetic and flaky but this is definitely the last straw in my eyes. I agree with Melanie, L.C. was definitely the best girl he could ever have and now he has ruined it. I just hope L.C. stays strong, unlike Jessica and Alex. I think in this instance it is definitely ok to hate the player, not the game!

10:17 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Come on, are we surprised that Jason is flirting and kissing Jessica again? I think it's so funny that Jason thinks he can lie like that when there are cameras everywhere and the truth is going to come out sooner or later. He just loves to play games and unfortunately the girls let him. I really can't stand Jessica as the weeks go by. She is super whiney and a huge hypocrite. She needs to get over Jason because he only acts interested in her when they're not together. I feel bad for L.C. but she's a pretty girl so I'm sure she'll find someone that treats her the way she deserves sooner or later. I can't wait for tonight's show!

12:49 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

I can not beleive Jason! Does he think girls are really that stupid? It was bad enough that he flirted with Jessica and kissed her while they were at LC's fashion show, but then he had to go and lie about it to LC. She saw it happen and he sat there and said it didn't. I really don't understand what could be going through his mind. I hope one of these episodes Jason gets what's coming to him. He did look really sad at the end of the episode but I don't buy it. LC better not fall for it and go back to him in the next episode. LC is lucky to havea friends like Deiter. He reminds me alot of my guy friends from home. Why can't there be more of those boys in the world and less Jasons??

4:13 PM  
Blogger popovich said...

Wow! Jason is a jerk! I hate to say it, but L.C. should have seen this coming. Jason has dated so many girls and treated them all like crap so I don't understand why she thought she was going to change his ways. Jessica needs to have enough self respect and respect for L.C. to be done with Jason. He only wants her around at his convenience and she falls for it every time.

I was impressed by the overall charity event. I didn't know these kids knew how to be selfless. I think that L.C. conducted herself with poise and confidence both throughout the fashion show and while dealing with the Jason drama. The most impressive thing to me was that she actually blamed Jason and not Jessica for the whole kiss thing.

I hate when girls blame other girls for what their boyfriends do! Yes I agree it is as much Jessica's fault for letting the flirting/kissing happen, but Jason is the one who is supposed to be loyal to L.C. I was glad to hear L.C. tell Dieter not to yell at Jessica, because she saw the whole thing and knew it was Jason's fault. Jason doesn't deserve a second chance with L.C. and I was glad she left him there to sulk!

6:00 PM  
Blogger Mandy50285 said...

Everyone just needs to get over Jason. Personally, I do not think he is cute nor has many attractive features of his personality. He seems like he's just out see how many girls in Laguna he can get with underneath it all. He rarely contributes anything valuable to conversations, except when he tries to swoon girls into liking him. He's great at sports and has great friends, however, I do not understand how people like Talan are so close with him when he is NOTHING like Talan. If you do not agree that's fine, but I think L.C., Jessica, and Alex H. can all do so much better than this guy. He's overated!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Sharon Tornick said...

This episode really did have a lot of action. I agree - Jason IS officially the worst. In general, I don't understand how guys feel they can get away with trying to have two girls at the same time, especially when the two girls know each other and happen to be in the location! That's what makes Jason so stupid: if he still has feelings for Jessica, then at least don't kiss her at a time when L.C. can find out. What an idiot.

As far as how Lauren handled the situation, I think she had every right to tell Jason to get away from her. In fact, I think she stayed a lot more composed that I could have ever been. Dieter was a great friend to her, and like you I wish I had a guy friend who would stick up for me and protect me like that. Cannot wait to comment on Monday's episode!

10:12 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

I can't believe that Jason did that to LC. I really thought that he was changing for the better, but apparently I was wrong. He makes me so mad! I'm glad that Dieter was there to stand up for Lauren. And Jessica! What is her problem? She was the one that was dumped by Jason in the first place. She should know how it feels to see your boyfriend kissing another girl! I was really glad that LC had finally gotten over Stephen, but right now he's definately looking better and better. I would like to see them together, but he needs to be totally over Kristen. LC and Stephen would be really cute together and I'm really excited to see where this goes.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

I thought the fundraiser was a good idea, and it was so typical for L.C. to plan it. She's so perfect, and I always feel bad for her because I think she's the only genuine person on that show and she keeps on getting her heart trampled on by guys. She deserves a nice guy that will treat her right and not kiss other girls in front of her. How dumb can you be?! Jason was all over Jessica, so you can't really blame Jessica except for the fact that she didn't stop it. But it's so obvious that Jessica is still in love with Jason so you can't really expect anything more from her. L.C., however, is not dumb and she doesn't take things like this from guys. She wouldn't hear Jason's lame lie that Jessica threw herself on him. Personally, I really do think Jason was either drunk or high because he was not in his right mind.

9:20 AM  
Blogger katie said...

What a crazy episode! I knew that Jason would not last, he doesn't have a faithful bone in his body! Jessica isn't much better though taunting and kissing him back...I really think she has severe relationship problems. I felt so bad for LC because she did not deserve that and Dieter definitely helped her through the situation. I thought it was hilarious while Jason was getting caught in the act on Deiters cell phone too! Eventually I knew that he was going to be embarassed by his actions. I am just glad that LC didn't waste anymore time on him and now she can move on...he was too young for her anyways!

5:47 PM  
Blogger Rachel Curran said...

BIG SURPRISE!!!! Jason screws up AGAIN! Seriously, when he watches this show on national television like five months or so later he is probably going to be like: wow, I am an ass! I think Jessica is really really plain old dumb. She must have really low self confidence and just self respect to hook up with Jason again while he is dating someone else. But this time Jason was definately the one provoking it!!!

I must say, I was hoping Talan was going to bust out some awsome singing voice and be the all around guy, but unfortunately that was not even close to the case. Honestly, I was embarassed for him when he was singing and I really had trouble watching let alone listen.

It was really nice what the Laguna gang did to help out the Mudslide victims, however, I feel like a lot of this stuff is not as much their ideas as it is the producers of the show and MTV.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Not only are the kids of OC gorgeous and rich but they are good citizens as well. Who would have thought. The kids of OC really did an awesome thing by putting together that charity event for the mudslide victims. Though they should have warned everyone before Talan performed, NOT SO GOOD. I dont know how he got a record deal from that performance. On the other hand Alex was awesome. The clothes were pretty cool but they drama stole the show. Why would Jason ever kiss Jessica when is dating LC? Stupid boy! I definately think alcohol played a kep role in all the craziness. The way they were walking down the run way was not exactly a sober state. Back to LC, i feel so bad for her and would have done the same she did. Jason needed to be called out. what a jerk, i wonder what will happen on next weeks episode???

9:29 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

You are right- this week made up for last week to the extreme! I can't believe Jason!! My roomates and I were also sitting on the couch screaming at our tv and in shock that he will never learn his lesson.

I have to say, it was nice that LC took the time to plan the whole fashion show for the fundraiser. I still feel like she is the most caring character on the show that just can't catch a good break. I really thought that Jason might have changed and treat her the way she deserves but I guess that is impossible for this guy! I must say I was impressed that LC stood up to him and didn't just fall for one of his apologies like all the other girls have done.

I loved how Dieter was there for LC when she needed him. It reminded me of some times in high school when my guy friends would be there for support when I needed it the most. It was nice because he is kinda friends with Jason so it made Jason realize that he really screwed up this time, and everyone noticed!

5:37 PM  
Blogger Corinne said...

This episode was actually really good and it was fun to see all of those people come together for the fundraiser. I think L.C. looked like she was doing a great job of running the fashion show. Of course Jason had to go and ruin her debute though! What is up with him and Jessica? Why can't he just be with one person at a time?! I am really happy with L.C. though, because she stood up for herself, unlike Jason's previous girls. Lauren did not deserve to be cheated on and she did not let Jason have his way. That is completely the way to be in the situation because he is a complete jerk and Jessica can have him because she is completely pathetic! I hope this leads to L.C. and Stephen getting together!

10:34 PM  

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