Tuesday, October 04, 2005

“Don’t hate the game”

I couldn’t wait to post today after last night’s episode. I thought it was so good and there were tons to discuss. The episode starts off with Kristen and Alex H. planning a fiesta. Of course, there is drama on who can attend and not attend. Morgan is allowed to come, while Taylor must stay home. Apparently, there is some major beef between Kristen and Taylor.

Then we go to L.C.’s house. She is packing for her trip to L.A. She immediately calls Stephen and informs him of her travels. After their conversation they both seem to be glowing. Oh and by the way, what was up with L.C.’s friend? Her face was so orange! It looked like she had a little accident with the self tanner.

Back to the fiesta, Jessica, Jason, and the whole gang arrive, including new hottie Jeff. Now by this point Alex and Kristen have had one too many drinks and it is quite apparent. Out of no where Kristen and Jeff start kissing in the middle of the party. Why is this a terrible thing? Jessica, Kristen’s best friend, has a major crush on Jeff. Poor Jessica, she just can’t win! What really shocked me is how Alex M. expresses sorrow for Jessica. Are they all the sudden friends again? I just don’t understand these girls. I guess that’s what makes it Laguna Beach.

Towards the end of the episode L.C. and Stephen meet up. I just like to say that L.C. looked so pretty. I really love her and she is so sweet. The two go to a “friendly” dinner where Stephen asks if they would ever be in a real relationship. L.C. played it cool, but we all know how happy she must have been inside. They leave dinner and take a romantic stroll. I want them so badly to just try and date. I think they would make such a great couple. Kristen is over Stephen and Laguna fans everywhere need to accept this fact.

Well that just about sums up the last episode. Next week the prom invites begin. Now that should be exciting!


Blogger Ellesse118 said...

For me, watching Laguna Beach is like looking directly into the sun. I know I shouldn't do it, but I can't help myself. Every Monday night I tune in to MTV and by 10:30, I am so frustrated. I will definitely agree with you that I don't understand these girls! First, Alex hooks up with Jason. Then, Alex hates Jessica for hooking up with him. Now, Alex likes Jess and is talking about Kristen because she hooked up with Jessica's crush. I can't keep track of who hates who every week!

I will say that I am consistent. I don't like Kristen; never have, never will. She is a back-stabbing smut. And I really do hope that L.C. and Stephen get together. He needs to realize that him and Kristen are so over and finally get with L.C.

P.S.- I am totally envious of L.C. right now. She has got the coolest internship.

11:41 AM  
Blogger carah said...

I agree last nights episode was very good! Kristen was not very nice for kissing Jeff. In real life she would be considered a bad friend. Kristen knows how upset Jessica is about Jason and just needs another boy to get over him with. Jessica openly expressed how she has a crush on Jeff and without thinking twice (even though she had one too many drinks) Kristen made out with Jeff. Jessica wasn’t even the least bit mad at Kristen for it. I think Alex M. was sticking up for Jessica because deep down inside every girl on that show is jealous of Kristen and how she can get any guy. As for LC and Stephen, I could not be happier. I always like them together better than Kristen and Stephen. And you are right that LC played it real cool when Stephen asked if they could ever have a relationship. I can’t wait for the prom next week!

12:47 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Last nights episode was once again so good. I didn’t get the whole fiesta thing and I really don’t get why Kristen has such a problem with Taylor because she really seems like a sweet girl. As for Kristen kissing Jeff, I thought that was terrible. All I want is for Jessica to find a new guy and rub it in Jason’s face because after their whole relationship and the Alex thing, that is definitely what he deserves. I did think it was a little strange how Alex M. reacted to Kristen hooking up with Jessica’s crush but I guess it’s a good thing the girls are moving past the Jason saga. As for L.C. and Stephen, I love L.C. and she did look amazing last night as usual. I think she played the whole Stephen thing real cool even though we all know she will always want Stephen to be hers. The prom invitations are insane in Laguna and I can hardly wait until next week!

2:55 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

One thing I don't really understand is how MTV can legally just let them drink right in front of them and tape every minute of it! If you watched closely, when they scanned the table at the fiesta mid way through the party, you could definitely see plenty of empty beer bottles. Where are the parents of these alkies?? If my daughter was being taped for a TV show on MTV, I would make sure I was there at all times she was being tape, just to make sure she didn't do anything stupid. Then again, that would mean I would have to be around, unlike the parents of Laguna Beach. Anyway, last night's episode was very good and I love Kristen because she just doesn't care!

3:24 PM  
Blogger katie said...

I loved ellesse118's comment about watching the show...I feel the same way, but I guess I still just have to tune in every week. I feel like there must be a big time span between each of the episodes or those girls have multiple personality disorder...how the hell are they all friends one week and not the next? Anyways, kristin is a brizzle for hooking up with Jeff and I would have disowned her if I were Jessica. She really doesnt know how to stand up for herself. I love LC as well, but think shes wasting her time with Stephen. He really doesnt know what he wants and all he is doing is leading her on. I hope she finds someone much cuter and they keep her on for next seasons show!

6:26 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

I thought this episode was so good. There was so much that was going on. I first want to say that Kristen is such a bitch for doing that to Jessica. Kristen can have almost any guy at her school so why does she have to go for Jessica's guy? Also, Jessica was just through so much with her ex Jason and Alex M., so her best friend, Kristen, should want to see her happy and moving on to new guys. Well, it is kind of hard to move on when your best friend is going for your man. Now, besides the whole Jessica and Kristen thing, I think that L.C. and Stephen need to become a couple. I think they are so cute together and that they both seem to have a crush on one another. They are going to both be living in L.A. so something needs to come about between their little romance they have going on. I can not wait to see next weeks episode and who asks who to prom. This should be exciting.

7:41 PM  
Blogger popovich said...

Last night was great! I definitely agree that it's hard to keep track of who is mad at who each week. These girls are so petty! I think that they all need to stick together and say screw the boys!! But since that would end the drama that the show thrives on...don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see....
I have to take the opposite side...I'm a Kristen fan. She is definitely manipulative, but I admire the way she gets everything and everyone that she wants. I don't want L.C. and Stephen together at all. I feel bad for Stephen because of how Kristen treats him, but I think that L.C. is pathetic if she accepts Stephen because in my mind she is definitely the second choice.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Kara said...

I missed the episode on Monday, but because MTV no longer plays music and shows a million reruns, I thankfully got to catch the episode today. I can’t believe you commented about LC’s friends face!! I saw the same thing and was like “Wow someone went a little overboard with the bronzer.” I agree with the general consensus and am a huge LC and Stephen fan. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that last week he was complaining how he just wanted a girlfriend and since Kristen totally blew him off, he’s all about LC. Kristen just annoys me. I cannot even believe she would kiss Jeff when she knew Jessica had a huge crush on him. I know this sounds awful but I secretly wish she didn’t get asked to prom. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I got asked to prom it was “Hey Kar, wanna go to prom?” I’ve never heard of such crazy elaborate “proposals” of sort. But at the same time, I can’t wait to see them!! And just a little side note, isn't the saying "Don't hate the player, hate the game?"

1:15 PM  
Blogger Sharon Tornick said...

This was a really good episode... lots going on and even more drama, as usual. First off, I cannot believe Kristin would have the nerve took hook-up with Jeff. She doesn't even like him, AND she knows that Jessica does. I am absolutely sure that kiss meant nothing to her. Besides, Jessica's been through a lot and I think it would do her some good to start it off with a new guy to get over Jason. I think it was a really low move on Kristin's part not to control herself. As for prom next week, I think it is going to be Talan asking Kristen. But in the previews, I'm not too sure if the back of the guy asking looked like him! I guess we'll see. And PS, it is "don't hate the player, hate the game." Whatever they are still in high school, they don't know everything :)

3:09 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

So who's friends with who now? For a while I thought Kristin and Alex H. were going to ditch Jessica and start hanging out with Taylor and Alex M. but I guess I was wrong. After all the fights they've had so far this season, I never expected Alex M. to be sympathizing with Jessica. I also feel bad for Jessica, she can never seem to win when it comes to boys - well maybe just not when Kristin is around. I was so excited to see LC and Steven together. I've always thought they would be cute together. And what's with everyone moving to LA next year... could that be the next season??

9:15 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I have to agree that this week's espisode was probably the best so far. For once there was a lot of action and dialogue. I think I hate Kristen even more because she has proven to be an awful friend. i can't belive Jess didn't get pissed about Kristen kissing Jeff. Jess needs to stand up for herself more because I think she is a very pretty girl. Everyone needs to realize that Kristen really isn't that hot due to her awful personality.
I also think it's funny that you can totally tell that everyone was really drunk at the fiesta, especially Kristen. I guess MTV would get in trouble if they showed the Laguna kids consuming alcohol, but we all know they do. Like everyone else, I'm really excited about next week's episode!

12:47 PM  
Blogger Sharbere said...

I made the guys at work put on Laguna on Monday night during football. Then we got a big rush because of the game so I missed it anyway. Good news though, they play re-runs alllllll the time so hopefully I'll catch it really soon. It sounds like there was some good stuff though. Stephen really asked LC that? That would be really cute, only I still think it is just a back up plan for him because he still likes Kristen. Maybe he just likes her still because she was his last real girlfriend and he misses that. What do you think? I know Jason's sort of an airhead when he talks but he's still really really hott so I don't mind watching him. And whoever said it is right these girls screw eachother over all the time! How are they even still friends?

2:45 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Who is this new kid, Jeff, anyway? I had never heard of him before this episode, he seems to have come from nowhere. I have to say that I wasn't at all surprised when Kristin hooked up with Jeff at the party because, as you said, the drunkenness was extremely apparent, and Kristin always gets what she wants. She has said it herself numerous times. She loves to be the center of attention and will do anything she can to get it. What really got to me was that Jessica was spilling her heart out the next day about how much she likes Jeff and Kristin didn't say a word. She just sat there and listened, meanwhile knowing that he probably doesn't like Jessica at all. This poor girl is going to get her heart broken again. The strange thing is, the one who seemed the most concerned was Alex. What's up with that??? Like you, I do NOT understand these girls...

7:55 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Alexis, boy do I have an article for you to read. It's about whether Laguna is real or fake and you have to read it! Here's the link: http://www.eonline.com/Gossip/Kristin/Archive2005/051007.html. It basically says that the kids of Laguna only work Thursday through Sunday for the show. Also, that the producers ask the cast to hold off on many of the conversations and confrontations so they can tape them. Remember the fight in Cabo between Alex and Jessica? The producers knew that Alex was planning on confronting Jessica and they told her exactly which night to do it so they could be there. Can you believe that??? I thought you and other readers would love the article!

9:51 AM  
Blogger LaurSims said...

Laguna is filled with love-hate relationships and drama, which we all love of course. I’m sure we see a piece of ourselves in someone on the shore, well a less high-maintenance version. We all have our favorites which we either love, hate, admire, respect and such. I mean every time I see Kristen do something else crazy I just get clued to the TV. Although I think her actions are wrong most of the time, I can’t help respect the fact that at least she doesn’t pretend to be someone she is not. I mean you know you Kristen is and the type of things you can expect from her, she puts it all out on the table, so you can either love her or hate her. It seems her friends recognize her outlandish behavior and don’t really hold grudges, which is kind of amazing since I don’t think I would of taken it quite as well as Jessica when I heard the hooking up news, then again Jessica is a saint herself I suppose. No matter what you can’t help waiting all week for the next show.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Rachel Curran said...

I find everyone always saying "oh poor Jessica!" but honestly, I feel like she brings a lot of it on herself. Even though what Kristen did to her so-called best friend is not right, for some reason I find always myself on Team Kristen and can't say I felt bad for "poor Jess." I feel like I know these people and I probably talk about them like they are all my friends but I guess what makes me so completely obsessed with LB is that High School was SOOOOO like that! All the petty shit and crazy rumors. I am re-living it all over again. I love how when two people get in a fight everyone seems to be involved too, especially how Alex decides to feel bad for Jessica.

I really just want Steven and Kristen to get back together and then the show can end and they can live happily ever after. But like every fairy tale there is a villain and something in the way and L.C. seems to fit that description. That girl is nothing but trouble, I JUST KNOW IT!

5:57 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Last night's episode was so good. There is always such drama when they plan parties - they have like VIP lists and certain people that can't be invited, and others that are maybe's - its insane. I was surprised that they invited Morgan, and obviously Kristen would never allow Taylor to come.
What is going on with LC and Stephen, they are so back and forth its crazy. I wish they would just date already and get all the drama over with - but I guess that wouldn't be traditional Laguna style.
Its so obviously when Kristen is drunk, she becomes so obnoxious and can barely walk - its amazing that they are allowed to show that, but anyway...what was up with her all up on Jeff?? I couldn't believe she did that to Jessica - she is such a brat. And why does Jessica just forgive her and understand that's how Kristen is - I dont care who it is - friends just dont do that and get over it - thats not like any girls I know!
The end when Stephen and LC go out is a nice relief to the party in Laguna. I just love LC, she's so sweet and innocent and you are right she was probably so happy when Stephen asked about the relationship - she's wanted him forever now.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Corinne said...

I love when people on this show have parties. It's always so interesting to see who gets invited and who is absolutely banned from attending. The girls on this show are so back stabbing and manipulative to eachother, it's usually hysterical.

I know the popular thing to do is to hate Kristin, but I must admit that I think I like her the best. She says whats on her mind and gets what she wants, even if she is hurting some feelings along the way. She's definately a leader, which you can tell by the way all of her friends follow her and deal with her when she puts them down.

I do, however, hope that L.C. and Stephen get together in the end. She seems to really like him and hopefully he'll notice that before it's too late!

10:15 PM  

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