Sunday, September 25, 2005

Last time on Laguna….

The drama continues as the group travels to Cabo! Beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and night long parties are an annual ritual for the teens of Laguna. They all pack up and set sail for the week of their lives. Will this vacation be drama free? Absolutely not! The episode opens with an intimate conversation between Alex M. and Jason. He proclaims the two are better off as friends by providing lame one word answers to end their relationship. I cannot believe how rude he is! If I was Alex or Jessica I would definitely get over him real fast. To make matters worse, the two get in a major cat fight later in the show! Alex M. angrily approaches Jessica in a night club. Furious Alex M. holds in her anger and desire to fight Jessica. Alex M. thinks it was wrong for Jessica to kiss Jason behind her back and she has no problem expressing her opinion of Jessica. Sighing under her breathe Jessica insincerely apologizes to Alex. The one thing I definitely do not understand is wasn’t Jessica with Jason in the first place? What right does Alex have to get so mad when she was wrong from the beginning? Share your thoughts on last week’s episode and remember what happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo.

What’s everyone saying?

From reading all of your comments, I have come to the conclusion that no one can stand Jason! He is viewed as an ultimate player and not as our favorite new hottie. As for L.C. and Kristen it looks like Kristen is everyone’s favorite. Viewers admire her free spirit and carefree attitude. It looks like her and Stephen gets a little cozy on next week’s episode. Can’t wait for that! Finally another major concern of Laguna fans is whether or not the show is scripted. In my opinion I definitely think there is some form of script work going on. The characters and their life situations are real, however writers may have the events reenacted or tweaked a little bit. Scripted or not I am obsessed. Monday is only one day away so get excited!


Blogger Abby said...

I missed last weeks episode and I still haven't seen it yet! I guess I'll have to watch it before the new one this week, but I did see on the previews how Alex was yelling at Jessica. I agree with you that that makes NO sense at all, Alex stole Jason from Jessica in the first place. Alex never apologized for taking him to the formal, or for hooking up with him at the bonfire in front of Jessica. Also, did Jessica really hook up with Jason again? And are Kristin and Alex M. becoming friends now? Ahh the drama.

6:42 PM  
Blogger LaurSims said...

You have to wonder why exactly there is such a cat fight going on over Jason. I mean he is playing both Jessica and Alex M. and loving every minute. I mean what does he have to loss? From the looks of it not much, he is sitting pretty. I mean honestly, from the way Jessica reacts to him we all know she still loves him and is infatuated with him, thus whatever his actions are she will just go right back for seconds, thirds, fourths…. It doesn’t look like there is an end anytime soon, but hopefully she will learn that she can do better, she will just learn from her mistakes. On another note, am I the only one who feels fro LC? I mean the poor girl strives to get Stevens attention and yet he is just another guy who plays her like a fiddle. She hasn’t gotten the big picture yet so I think that is far away, however, I think it would be a good twist if she ended up with the guy and Kristen and Talan got official. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow night.

7:00 PM  
Blogger katie said...

I definitely agree with the comments about Jason. I hate how both of those girls are drooling over him and let him do whatever he wants. Isn't it weird though that Jessica isn't talking to any of her old friends anymore; like Kristin and Alex. Also the two of them have gotten a little buddy buddy with Alex and the other blonde. Those girls switch friends so easily.
I am looking forward to tomorrow night also. I really want to see what happens between Stephen and Kristin. I thought the two of them were going to get back together, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe he will finally realize that LC is the one for him (I am one of the LC fans!!) and stop playing both of them.

P.S. Why do they vacation in Cabo each there something great about that place that I dont know about?? Has anyone ever been to Cabo?

Happy watching tomorrow night!-kt

9:40 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I agree with everyone that Jason is a complete asshole. Do you even think he is that good looking? The kid hardly ever says more than two words when he is talking to either Jessica or Alex. I guess the only thing he knows how to do is surf and play with girl's heads. I also have to disagree with everyone saying they like Kristin because she is a free spirit. Personally I think she is self-centered and loves herself a little too much. All the sudden she is best friends with Taylor and Alex and talking crap about her best friend Jessica. I wish they would explain why the group of girls split up in the first place. I am definitely looking forward to this week's episode when Kristin goes to visit Steven.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Danielle said...

I agree with everyone else and think that Jason is a huge asshole. I think he is cute, of course, but he really sucks at having a girlfriend. I wish that Alex M. and Jessica would play with his head a little bit but they are both so in love with him. I just think Jason needs to get a taste of his own medicine but no one will give it to him. The girls allow him to be this way and that is why he continues to be the player that he is. Personally, i do not really like either Jessica or Alex M., but if i had to choose i would pick Jessica. I think Kristen and Jason should get together because she is a tough girl and would not put up with Jason's crap. I also think that it was so wrong of Alex M. to go up to Jessica and try to fight her in Cabo. Jessica was with Jason first, so if anything, Jessica should be the one mad. Alex M. hooked up with Jason like a week after him and Jessica broke up. Now that is not right. I am so excited to read everyone elses thoughts and i am sure they are similar to mine. Can't wait till tonight to see what happens when Kristen goes to visit Stephen, and Talan is home by himeself, wondering where Kristen is.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Kara said...

I completely agree with you that Alex has NO right what-so-ever to be such a bitch to Jessica. Yes, Jessica was wrong for kissing Jason while he was with Alex, but is everyone forgetting that Jason was with Jessica while Alex was plotting to be with him?? I couldn’t believe that all of the other girls in Cabo took Alex’s side. I mean I’m not a huge Jessica fan either, but even Kristen ditched her and wanted to hang out with Alex instead. And all of this over Jason? Ew. When Alex went to see him at the basketball court he was such a jerk giving her one word answers and not caring at all. The previews for tonight’s episode showed Kristen and Stephen together again. Apparently she goes to see him at school and they have a romantic night under the stars. I really wish she would figure out what she really wanted already. I can’t wait for tonight and to hear your thoughts and comments!

2:00 PM  
Blogger carah said...

Last weeks episode was crazy when they all went to Cabo for spring break. Jason is such a tool, he never has anything to say except one word answers. I mean he is good looking, but with that dull personality why are these girls even fighting over him. It was completely wrong for Jessica to kiss Jason behind Alex M.’s back, but lets not forget that Alex M. was all over Jason when Jessica and him were still together. If anything Jason is the one that is playing them both! I was glad to see Kristen and Talan hanging out in Cabo because I think they would be really cute together. This weeks episode looks even better when Kristen goes to San Francisco to visit Stephen. I hope they do not get back together!
I was surprised to read that most people favored Kristen because I like LC so much better. And unfortunately I hear the rumors all of the time that the show is scripted. I like to believe it is not and that some of the situations are just “forced” to happen!

2:02 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Okay so the Cabo episode was really good. I agree with you completely because although Jason is such a jerk to both Alex M. and Jessica he was with Jessica first so Alex M. really doesn’t have much room to speak on the matter. She should have known going into things with Jason that she wasn’t going to be able to trust him because look what he did while he was with Jessica…he was always hanging out with Alex M. The whole situation just drives me nuts, but ultimately I really don’t like Alex M. and would rather Jessica win the battle. I will be interested to see what happens this week with the Jason, Jessica and Alex M. love triangle. As for the LC, Kristen and Stephen love triangle I can’t wait to see what unfolds. I do love Kristen, but I feel really bad for her to continue to lead Stephen on. From the previews I saw after last week’s episode it looks like she may finally cut things off with Stephen or at least tell him that she doesn’t want a boyfriend. I wonder what is going to happen to poor Talan? I guess we will soon find out since today is Monday and a new episode will be on tonight!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Jason just goes through the same stages no matter who he is dating which you can see with both Jessica and Alex. He befriends them and likes them a lot at first, asks them to be his girlfriend, then seems to get bored with them. I think it is all just a game to him to see how many girls he can get with in a certain period of time. I don't think this would happen but wouldn't it be crazy if Kristen and Jason got together? Now that would be a couple. I think they would fight like cats and dogs, but I think they would stay together longer than any other of Jason's relationships!

7:20 AM  
Blogger popovich said...

I have to say I don't see what the big fuss over Jason is. He isn't that hot! I think all of these girls need to take a step back and realize that these guys have complete control over them. Jessica for instance drives her friends nuts always calling Jason, telling him she loves him, and constantly letting him walk all over her. Then there's LC...when is this girl going to get it?? Stephen strings her along and builds up her hopes time and time again...she just doesn't catch on!

As for Jessica kissing Jason behind Alex's back...I don't really feel like that's a huge deal. In my eyes it's Jason that should be held accountable...he's the one with a commitment to Alex. Jessica has made it quite clear that she doesn't "approve" of Jason and Alex together so what loyalty does she have to Alex?? Girls always want to blame the other girl when their boyfriend cheats on them...but the reality is that it's as much the boyfriend's fault as it is the other girl's!

12:46 PM  
Blogger Ellesse118 said...

Okay, Jason is an idiot and everyone needs to kick him to the curb. This past Monday was absolutely absurd. I can't believe that Alex yelled at Jess to begin with, but then to come back from break and have Jason break up with her. She deserved it.

I wonder if Stephen keeps clinging to Kristin, so he can still be on the show. She's so mean to him sometimes, I can't believe that he would still be hung up on her. Get a clue.

The situation with the new girl was really frustrating. Alex attracts drama and then adds to it. The girl was trying to apologize and Alex acted like she was making it even worse.

The previews for next week were the worst. Jess and Alex friends? Kristin making out with the guy Jess likes? What's wrong with these girls? It's like musical friends!!!

8:44 AM  
Blogger Rachel Curran said...

I agree with you, Monday night is probably the only "tv" night I really look forward to. I hate waiting a whole week for another episode, I wish it was like the soaps where you can call a number and see next weeks episode early (well, maybe that would be a little too over the top!) Anyways, Jason is seriously an idiot and when he watches this show he is going to realize what an ass he is. I got mad just watching the scene with him and Alex at the basketball court. It seems like you have to pull teeth just to get words out of him. He is getting old, real old. I really don't know what I think about the whole Alex, Jessica fight. I don't know who is in the wrong, but I think they should both team up and get Jason back (haha). This show needs to cut out the stuff on Jason and show more stuff on Kristen and Steven!!! I find myself watching this show and being like that was so immature, they are acting like they are in highschool, and then I realize....oh they are!

12:17 PM  
Blogger Lisa C said...

Hey Lex, I JUST subscribed to your blog today and I'm soooo excited! I dont think I have watched one full episode yet this season. I either forget it's on or am doing something else. Can I just say that even though I knew Kristen would be narrarating, i hate her. She is so irritating to watch. But I am glad I get to see Stephen -- he's hot. I'm not too sure who Alex and Jessica are. I'll have to watch an episode to see them in action. All of the Laguna characters are so lucky to go to Cabo!! I heard that many UD students are going to Cabo this year because they want to party where the Laguna members did! That's crazy- they are normal people just like all of us- except it seems like they have a little bit more fun. When is Laguna on? I need to start watching it. Talk to you soon!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

I agree, Alex has no right to be mad at Jessica. She definitely would have done the same given the opportunity with Jason while Jessica and him were dating. She was jealous that he actually still liked Jessica and did something about it. I think both of them are dumb for getting caught up in him. I can't believe the show they put on at the nightclub! Alex was so mean and Jessica just took it. She didn't stand up for herself at all, and she should have. She hadn't done anything Alex wouldn't have. Alex should also have been more mad at Jason than at Jessica, after all, he was the one who cheated. I'm so glad that they ended things because Jason doesn't deserve either of them.
About the scripting, I think that they give them topics to discuss but I don't think they tell them what to say. Otherwise, the drama wouldn't be real.

7:46 PM  
Blogger Sharbere said...

The hotel they stay in in Cabo is insane. But even more crazy is all the drama that happens there. Kristen likes attention and knows she can get if from Talan so she leads him on. And she knows she's doing it because she's mentioned it a few times! That's really mean because she also knows how much Talan actually cares about her, which is totally not fair for him. Alex M. is annoying, she whines too much and her voice gets on my nevers. It also bothers me that's she's so pissed off at Jessica because if I'm not mistaken didn't she steal Jason from Jessica in the first place? Hypocrite!!!

10:38 AM  
Blogger Corinne said...

I have to admit that Laguna Beach is my main guilty pleasure. I don't think the plot is too interesting and some of the characters really can be annoying. I also think that no one on this show has real conversations. They give eachother looks and one word answers, which is not normal! But yet there I am, week after week watching this show and looking forward to the next episode.

I think the main thing that draws me in is watching their extravagent lives. I am amazed at the houses and locations they live in and cannot ever imagine being so well off! I also love to see what clothes and hair styles they will have next. I hope this season is filled with the usual drama and maybe some fun new cast members!

10:10 PM  
Blogger Kiana said...

If any one nows where in cabo they stayed (what they're hotel name was), could you please contact or write it to me aat or

9:27 PM  

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